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Windows Repair

   Backup/Restore for your System

   Got a virus that you can't get rid of? Reinstalling Windows is one of the easiest ways to fix software            problems on your computer, whether it’s running slow or infected by viruses. You should also reinstall          Windows before you get rid of an old PC.

   Before reinstalling Windows, if we can save the data we will backup all your personal data and reinstall        after the restore is complete. 

 Additional Services

 Setup and Connect your device to Existing Home Network


  • Laptop/Desktop Computer Setup     

  • LCD Replacement                                             

  • Computer Tune-up

  • Data Backup or Transfer

  • Data Recovery

  • Email Setup

  • Hardware Install                            

  • Office setup

  • Memory Install

  • Operating System Install

  • Printer Setup

  • Software Installation

  • Virus & Spyware Removal

  • Wireless Networking

  • Hardware recycling

  • Pick up the old computers and office equipment

  • hard drives are either destroyed or data is thoroughly removed 

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