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Our Services

CTS provides computer repair in Charlotte, Harrisburg, and the surrounding NC area. Having over 20 years of experience working for industry leaders and providing caring solutions for customers based on their individual needs. We offer on-site repair and in-office services to get your computer back up and running.


From viruses and printers to networking and back-ups, we'll find the problem and set your equipment straight so that you can get back to doing what's important. Why unplug everything when we can visit your home/office to quickly and conveniently resolve all of your computer issues.        



We can come to your home to fix your computer. Our Onsite Repairs include computer work completed in your home. We can also pick up the computer and drop it off when we're finished with repairs. Let us know If you need us to come to you.

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Business Solutions

If you don't have an IT Tech for your small and medium-sized businesses that don't have full-time IT staff we can help your business with it's technology needs.

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Computer Cleaning

Your computer needs a good cleaning every once and a while to prevent dust build-up and overheating.


Computer Office equipment Move

Our Computer Office equipment move service is designed to make the transition to your new office as smooth as possible. We will disconnect and reconnect all your office equipment, ensuring that everything is set up correctly and ready for you to use. Our team of experienced technicians is available to answer any questions you may have during the move.

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 Home security installation

Security devices connected together to help you protect every corner of your home, stay informed, and feel more comfortable and secure.

computer cleaning

Computer Cleaning (Desktops and Laptops)


Dust and Dirt will clog your fans and heat sinks.  If your computer is running slow and has blue screens, or random reboots it can’t do its job and will overheat causing damage and shortening the life of all the components inside. Contact Us to help protect your computer equipment with our Dust cleaning.

The first step of any computer repair we perform is to clean the computer inside and out. This involves taking off all the covers and thoroughly cleaning the fans inside the case, the CPU fans, and the power supply fans to ensure proper airflow, cooling, and performance. Once complete, your computer will be cooler and quieter.

If it’s been years since your desktop/ laptop computer has been cleaned, contact us today to set up an appointment.  Service now could add years to the life of your computer.

(This doesn’t include virus removal) prices are separate!

*Discount for more than one computer*

equipment move

Computer Office Move 

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